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Art to Grace Your Kitchen Space

Brigitte and her art.

Brigitte and her art.

I love collecting original art, and I thoroughly enjoy meeting the creative geniuses who are behind it. A few weeks ago when I was strolling through Savannah’s City Market, I popped into A.T. Hun Gallery and met up with a talented artist. Brigitte Pirlot expresses her creativity, in part, through collage. When I admired the pieces that sported forks and spoons, we started talking about how she combines her materials.

Collage draws from her upbringing in Africa, where Brigitte incorporated a vast array of materials into her earliest work, using those that were readily available. Her biography explains, ” Her multi-media compositions are romantic pieces of art, full of nostalgia. Her artwork is an expression of her mixed African and European roots.”

Thought-provoking, isn't it?

Thought-provoking, isn’t it?

Looking at her work one gets the sense that Brigitte is deeply connected to the past, as vintage clockworks,  images like the sweet face of the Gerber baby and cherubic Victorian children often grace her canvases. I told her how much I’ve always admired collage.  “You should really try it,” she encouraged. “It’s fun!”

So as I add creating a collage to my own bucket list, I’ll share her art here with you. Originals and prints are available. Browse her gallery.

Duck in from the shady City Market courtyard to A.T. Hun Gallery and you just might meet Brigitte and discover more of her work to grace the walls of your home.

A.T. Hun Gallery
302 W. St. Julian Street
Savannah, GA 31401