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Gorgeous Kitchen Art by Mark Weyers

No two boards are exactly alike, and each is exceptionally beautiful.

I am so impressed when I visit art shops or festivals and discover a kitchen product that is not only beautiful and hand-crafted, but also earth-friendly and delivering a clear message about how ingenuity can effectively and stylishly combine with function.

Mark Weyers of Cutting Crafts, Inc. in Grand Rapids, Michigan is a master of creativity – with an eco-smart conscience.  He rescues from disposal 100% recycled virgin hardwood scraps, applies his imagination and artistic vision, and creates one-of-a-kind cutting boards worthy of permanent display.  The man is a true genius and he sells out at nearly every show.  It’s no wonder.  With no two boards exactly the same, people have a very real opportunity to curate a collection of Mark’s work.  He also makes fish-cleaning boards through an inventive adaptation of marine plywood that gives the finished product the visual effect of string bamboo.

But understand this – Mark is a craftsman who makes every piece by hand, and as he told me, “I work as fast as I can to keep up with demand.”  This artisan has no website, nor does he sell through major shops. In fact, when you call, you’ll be connected with his printing shop.  Designing the cutting boards, he explains, “is my personal passion.”

If you are interested in owning one or more of Mark’s exquisite cutting boards, give him a call and place your order.  Be a little patient, and when you receive it, you’ll be delightfully surprised with what he has created expressly for you.

Mark Weyers of Cutting Crafts Inc.

2642 s. Division, Grand Rapids, MI 49507

(616) 241-0506