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Spectacular Picnics: Glass Beach – Fort Bragg, CA

Picnic on the cliffs for a bird's eye view of Glass Beach.

I’m a treasure hunter by nature.  I love antique shops, old bookstores and beaches where I can wander for hours feeling the sea breeze on my face and sifting through the bits of shell and seaweed on the sandy shore.  And if I can combine a fabulous picnic lunch with that treasure hunting? That’s my idea of a great day.

Glass Beach in MacKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg, CA is a fabulous place to enjoy a long, leisurely picnic in the sun followed by a marathon beachcombing session.

After a short walk along a path that winds through thick berry bushes, wildflowers and grasses, you arrive at the low cliffs overlooking the beach.  The cliffs are manageable to climb and boast terrific ocean views.

So why does Glass Beach draw crowds?  After years of town dumping into the water (halted in the late 1960s when clean-up efforts began), the beach waves have taken their toll on the remaining glass bottles under the water.

Every step leads you to a brilliant display of town history.

Today, Glass Beach is famed for its washed-glass smooth edged pieces that mingle with sand and shell and rock like rainbow colored gems.  I’ve never visited any beach quite like it anywhere.

Glass Beach

North Main Street/Highway 1, Fort Bragg, CA