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244 Flavors — An International Quest for Flavor

This is going to be fun. For the next 12 months, I’ll take you on a worldwide quest for flavor. So what exactly is a worldwide quest for flavor?

First, let me explain that 244 Flavors is not about politics or religion. It’s simply about people and the flavors they love. I’ll keep track of my resources in a separate journal. If you’d like more information, email me.

Throughout the next year, I’ll do extensive research and introduce you to the cuisine of virtually every country in the world. By today’s Wikipedia count, there are 244 countries, independent states, dependent territories and areas of special sovereignty.

We’ll concentrate on flavor here. What spices and seasonings do these countries use, and how? We’ll explore simple recipes and techniques. And you’ll virtually take a trip around the globe and back again before the year is through.

We’ll start with the Republic of Abkhazia, then visit the other end of the alphabet with a culinary journey to the Republic of Zimbabwe.

Put on your traveling tastebuds! We’re on a major quest for FLAVOR!