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Pantry Raid

Yesterday, after two bags of rice and a can of fire-roasted tomatoes fell on my foot, I ripped apart my pantry like a culinary madwoman, checked every expiration date, tossed out trash, and emptied every single shelf.

Clearly, it was high time for a major pantry raid. Fresh paint job in a creamy cappucino, cool baskets, ORGANIZATION. Let’s face it, if your pantry doesn’t inspire you, how will those creative juices flow?

It is amazing how quickly you forget what’s at your disposal when items slip to the back of a shelf or cabinet. I found tomato raisin glaze, goose liver pate, Scottish steel cut oats and fine chocolate, just to name a few food finds.

Tonight I think I’ll make Chocolate Creme Brulee with a superfine sugar crust. Go on a quest for flavor in your own pantry and create something new tonight!