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Delicious Duck Barbecue at Killington’s Gastropub

Smoked Duck Wrap at Killington's.

Smoked Duck Wrap at Killington’s.

Just north of Charlotte in Huntersville sits a neat gastropub called Killington’s.  Since July is barbecue month at Savor the Salt, I couldn’t resist trying a dish that sounded mouth-wateringly-delicious.

Are you ready? It’s a humble wrap sandwich, only it’s not very humble at all.  It’s stuffed with pulled smoked duck and topped with a crispy-fresh combination of jicama slaw, fried onions, and sliced pickles. Then, to accent the flavors and textures, the layers are drizzled with a molasses dijon barbecue sauce.

Wow. Taste explosion. Crispy, crunchy, sweet, and savory, and surprisingly refreshing, in spite of the decadent portion of rich smoked duck.

Next time you’re headed north on Route 77, stop into this gastropub and order up a side of Gouda mac ‘n cheese.

killingtonsKillington’s Restaurant and Pub

10010 Rose Commons Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078