Roundman’s Smoke House: Fort Bragg, CA

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Toasted bread, smoked pork and turducken sausages - delicious! Heat pork slices just to warm through.

One of my favorite aromas is that of slow-smoked meats.  When I breathe it in, it just sets my tummy rumbling.  And that’s exactly what happens when you enter Roundman’s Smoke House is Fort Bragg, CA.  This is an all natural house that smokes with alder and apple woods.  They offer low salt with no added fat, by-products or MSG in their foods or brines.

This honest-to-goodness butcher shop features top cuts of fresh antibiotic- and hormone-free meat from the tim hurt Ranch in Covelo, California, and seafood to prepare your own way. But that’s just the beginning of their gourmet offerings.  The crew at Roundman’s has smoked just about every cut of beef, pork, chicken, salmon and tuna as well as cheeses and house-made jerky.   Packages of sausages, chops, steaks and roasts are offered both refrigerated and frozen.

Vaughn will give you the scoop on smoked meats!

It’s difficult to make a selection – each variety has a different taste to offer.  We opted to try the smoked pork slices, German sausage (excellent and traditional), and my favorite, the turducken sausage.  Playing off the classic bird-in-a-duck-in-a-turkey method of cooking, Roundman’s has created a sausage in which all flavors mingle to perfection.

Roundman’s Smoke House will smoke meats to order.  They do ship nationwide, but will not ship to hot weather states during summer months.  Please call the shop for specifics.

Roundman’s Smoke House

412 N. Main Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437





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