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The Perennial Plate is on the move!

The journey has begun!

The talented and inquisitive team of foodies at The Perennial Plate have set out on a six-month road trip to discover adventurous and sustainable eating all across America. At the helm is innovative chef Daniel Klein.

Track the team’s progress at www.theperennialplate.com and be sure to watch online video episodes of their weekly experiences in farming, cooking and dining.  I guarantee you’ll be introduced to some really cool people, discover new foods and have a hankering to pick up a video camera and document some of your own culinary adventures!

Another fun fact: The Perennial Plate has been nominated for Saveur Magazine’s best video blog.

As series co-creator Mirra Fine explains on her blog, “there is a reality behind each bite we take.  And it’s important to be able to face those truths… whether you’re a vegetarian, a carnivore or a recovering junk food addict.  All I know, is that as I set out on this trip, I want to be open to learning about food, farmers, neighbors and the world.”