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244 Flavors: Crispy Czech Cookies

On a recent visit to America, our friend Radon brought us a wonderful taste treat from Czech Republic.  Unlike the American imitations on grocery shelves(vanilla crispy creme wafer cookies with little discernible taste), these kolonada are exceptionally light and beautiful.  Neatly wrapped in foil, they are about 8 inches around and maintain their crunch and just the right amount of sweetness.  Perfect to accompany a strong cup of coffee!

An interesting note about the history of these treats. Since the mid 1800s when visiting Marian Spa was all the rage for society’s elite, patrons like Johann Strauss, Kafka, Goethe and Freud were treated to fresh, warm Kolonada wafers to nibble on during a stroll down the colonnade.   Baker Karel Reitenberger made hundreds of thousands of wafers a year, and is credited with being one of the founders of industrial production.